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Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first ecommerce store or a well-established business Bigcommerce offers the technical capabilities you need to succeed. We’ve been building Bigcommerce sites for years. Here are few reasons why we love the platform:

  • It has 99.9% site uptime rate
  • Bigcommerce merchants average 28% annual growth
  • Hosting and related fees are about 1/4 of the cost of other competitors.

To get the most value from your online store, you need a design that keeps customers engaged and guides them through your product pages. That’s where we come up. Epic Design Labs is an expert ecommerce design agency and we specialize in creating conversion-optimized websites that stand out from the competition.

Make Epic Design Labs Your BigCommerce Designer

You have lots options so, why choose Epic Design labs to build your ecommerce website?

We are one of a select few certified Bigcommerce designers recognized for our ability to create beautiful, flawlessly functioning websites. Over the years, we’ve built a strong relationship with Bigcommerce to ensure we’re able to implement the platform’s latest features as soon as they become available.

All of our sites are:

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure maximum search engine visibility
  • Design with store growth in mind
  • Able to be quickly changed to adapt to branding changes

Keep reading to learn more about our work and flexible pricing options.

Our Bigcommerce Design Process

Working with us is easy. Our eight-step design process explains how your ecommerce store will be built:

  1. Discovery

Before beginning your website, we do a thorough discovery process to learn what design elements your competitors’ sites feature and what features you believe will make your brand stand out.

2.  Sitemap

Your sitemap is the list of all the pages, categories etc. that will serve as the navigational foundation for your eCommerce store.  

3. Wireframe

Think of the wireframe as your website’s blueprint. It lays out where all of the elements are going to be placed and gives you time to move things around before we invest time in creating your design.

4. Designs

Armed with your wireframe, we’ll bring your vision to life with a Bigcommerce design that showcases your brand’s personality and is easy for customers to navigate.

5. Coding

We’ll turn the beautiful design into a responsive, functional website.

6. Internal Quality Assurance and Mobile Testing

Before unveiling your site, we put it through intensive quality assurance testing on both computers/pcs and mobile devices to ensure your site works as good as it looks.

7. Client Quality Assurance Before Launch

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Prior to launch, we encourage you to carefully evaluate your site. If you don’t love the Bigcommerce store we built for you, let us know and we’ll adapt it to meet your standards.

8. Launch

We’ll make sure your store launch goes flawlessly.

Support and Growth

If you want to stay on top of your competition, launching your website is only the beginning. Just like how brick and mortar stores regularly change up their product displays, the most successful e-commerce sites continuously adapt their designs in response to competitors and how their customers interact with their sites. At Epic Design Labs, we specialize in growth-driven design and offer multiple plans to periodically refresh your website.

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Workflow and Pricing Options


Do you know what exactly you’re looking for in your Bigcommerce site and have fixed budget and timeline you want to follow? If so, the traditional pricing option may be right for you.

For this plan, we’ll have a meeting to plan out all of your Bigcommerce website’s features and the timeline for your project. As long as you don’t request new features after the project has been started, your website is guaranteed to be completed within the set budget. Likewise, as long as you respond to our emails in a timely manner, your website is guaranteed to meet it’s launch date.

If you opt for the traditional plan and later decide you want additional features added, we’ll be happy to add them at a quoted cost and timeframe.


If you have a tight budget and aren’t exactly sure what features are going to make your ecommerce store a success then our Agile plan is probably better for you. This plan features lower initial costs and time to launch by following the agile idea of releasing a minimum viable product that later gets improved through a series of data-driven cycles.

Here’s what that means:

  • During the discovery phase, we’ll figure out what are the features you absolutely must have to give your ecommerce site the functionality and look you need to attract your initial customers.
  • Once I’ve gone through the remaining phases, we’ll meet again to see if you’re satisfied with the site or if you want to add any additional features before launch.
  • If you are satisfied, your site will be launched and ready to start making sales.

The timeline for completing agile Bigcommerce sites is much quicker than traditional sites because we leave off all the bells and whistles which, while great to have, are often not necessary when you first launch your ecommerce store.

After your site is launched and your site analytics start being collected, we can begin doing growth-driven design. With growth-driven design, we’ll add more accessory features and design elements to your site based on how customers are already interacting with your website. Plans to optimize your web design over time start as low as $625 per month.

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