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Case Study: Ashbrook Aesthetics

Case Study: Ashbrook Aesthetics Responsive Design

This Case Study is an example of how we integrated a client’s existing product and provided them with better visual techniques to achieve success. It provides some insight into how we can generate, improve and maximize both existing and previously untapped potential.

The Case Study Brief

Ashbrook Aesthetics LogoAshbrook Aesthetics asked us to update their website design to better focus on their female demographic and help them increase their visibility in their local market. Their current site wasn’t consistent with their brand colors, didn’t show off any imagery and didn’t clearly convey to web visitors how to take the next step.

In this project, we were asked not only to improve the website visually but also to help bring in more clients through search optimization for local traffic.

Our Approach

We decided to focus on the following opportunities for improvement during this project:

  • Conveying the breadth of services available
  • Displaying the quality of service
  • Communicating social proof
  • Email list building (no signup was previously present)
  • More consistent branding

The heavy pink coloring of their old site was not consistent with the rich brand colors being used throughout their practice so we removed this first. We opted for a more white-oriented site to show off images and where we did use coloring and backgrounds we provided subtle textures the client liked a lot.

We worked on the content present on the homepage to bring in not only a better understanding of the services offered, but also information about and from the practice doctor, to convey to clients the medical credentials present in this practice and convey quality. We also brought in featured testimonials for social proof and a deals signup to help Ashbrook build their list. Building the list is important in a practice like this as it can be used to increase the lifetime value of a client.

Overall the new site is more in line with the clients branding, and the content is more focused on giving the visitor the information they need in order to choose Ashbrook for their treatments. Easy to see calls-to-action make it easy to take the next step.

Compare this case study for yourself. The left is before and the right is after. Just click to enlarge.

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