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Case Study: The Giving Closet

Case Study: Giving Closet Responsive Design

This Case Study is an example of how we integrated a clients existing product, and provided them with better visual techniques to achieve success. It provides some insight into how we can generate, improve and maximize both existing and previously untapped potential.

The Case Study Brief

Giving Closet LogoThe Giving Closet wanted to update their website and make it communicate better to it’s core audiences. We wanted to connect 3 different audiences to the Giving Closet brand.

The target audiences included:

  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Clients

It was also very important to bring the website into line with the new branding guidelines established after the original site was created.

Our Approach

While donors and volunteers were very similar, we needed to be able to give all three audiences an instant confirmation that they were in the right spot and get them to dig in further. This meant we needed strong calls to action for each target audience above the fold so they’d know they were in the right place.

One thing the prior site was lacking in was imagery. We advised the client to compile all their images into one place so we could infuse the site with images to make it come alive and communicate what this non-profit was all about… people.  Using their images of clothes, clients, and their premises we have created an image rich site that gets the viewer to where they need to go and helps them visualize the Giving Closet in action.

We insisted on having images on all pages and concluded each page with a ‘get involved’ call to action so that no matter where a viewer lands or clicks through to, there is an obvious next step to get involved.

Overall the new Giving Closet site is more modern than before, and communicates a lot better who the Giving Closet is, and why you should get involved.

Compare this case study for yourself. The left is before and the right is after. Just click to enlarge.

[ubergrid id=1478]

Check out the Giving Closet!