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phone book vs seo

Remember when we used the Yellow Pages to find the services we needed? Those were the good ole days! But, those days are now well behind us. The reality now is in technology based searches. When people need things, they will either use their computer or phone to find what they’re looking for. And that means search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo will comprise of the listings that clients will look at when determining who they buy from. And if you aren’t on page one of those searches, the chances are that over 90% of those buyers will go elsewhere for business. You need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but finding an SEO Solution that works for your business isn’t always just as easy as finding the cheapest or most popular SEO guys. There are several factors that need consideration when teaming with the right SEO company.

What Determines if an SEO Business is Right For Me?

First off, you need to acknowledge that SEO is not only paramount to your online store’s success, but furthermore, it can be a distinct competitive advantage over your market adversaries. If they aren’t using SEO by now, that is an opportunity for you to soar above them in search engine results. On the flip side however, if they are optimized and you aren’t, then your business will suffer dramatically. Advertising has graduated from simple catch phrases and flashy gimmicks. While those still have their place in some forums, they aren’t the ultimate technique anymore.

You should be focusing on how to get your brand to as many people as possible. Exposure leads to clicks, which then leads to conversions. Ask yourself “What is my primary objective? Do I want local, national or international SEO marketing?”. While some companies may offer only local assistance, others may have a broader scope. But, with a wider spectrum of clients, many SEO consultants become stretched too thin, which limits the attention and details that your online store needs to maximize profit. So choosing a committed partner who measures their own value in direct relation to your success is recommended. Next, you want an SEO expert to do a thorough analysis of your website, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This involves a thorough evaluation of your site, with reports and analysis specifically designed to answer the questions that relate to your biggest needs.

So, Now I Have an SEO Solution, What’s Next?

Once you’ve completed your site audit, you can discuss strategy with your chosen SEO firm. This will not only fix and enhance your current marketplace, but also prepare you for future endeavors, such as additional business ideas, or more products added to your current inventory. The next phase is overhauling the content and product descriptions, including keyword research and implementation. In addition, several blog networks and back link structures will be constructed to help build your sites reputation and exposure. While much of this work is tedious and can seem impossible, the right SEO team will have the knowledge and processes down to a science.

When you have realized that having an SEO Solution in place for your business is abundantly profitable, call the professionals at Epic Design Labs. We offer a free SEO consultation, and we base our success on the results we bring to you. Let us take your business to page one of the search results, where most of your future clients are.