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Thanks for choosing to move forward with our maintenance plan. Your monthly autopay is now set up so you can get the assistance you need with your website. As previously mentioned, your plan does cover your monthly hosting, backups, and site updates to make sure you’re always protected with the latest technology.

It also includes what we call maintenance. Maintenance is the regular questions you may have about what’s possible on your site. It’s those times when you need to update a photo on a page or even create a new page. It’s moving an element on your site over a smidge or adding new social media icons to your header or footer. It’s all of those little knick knack things that generally cost you every time you ask someone for help.

Basically, we label as maintenance ANY TASKS we can do on your website in less than an hour, which includes almost anything you might need, in the way of day to day help.

How Do I Get Support?

All you have to do to get help or questions answered is go to our website, and click on the link in the top right that says GET SUPPORT. Fill in your info and some details about what you need and we’ll take care of it right away.

Of course, you can feel free to call or email if you prefer, but using that GET SUPPORT button is what we recommend in order to get the fastest service from us as possible.

We generally take care of all tickets within 24-48 hours but we aim for even faster.

So again. Thanks for choosing us. We’re happy you see the value in having a partner ready to help when needed. Be sure to click the GET SUPPORT button whenever you need something on your site and we’ll be there.