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How Google Googles, Understanding SEO

A lot of people ask us how Search Engine Optimization or SEO works and how they can come up on the front page of Google. Getting found by your clients is obviously your goal as a business but in order to understand how to do that it is important to understand how Google works in the first place.

There are a lot of SEO companies out there that use techniques that Google doesn’t like. This may get you some quick results but in the long run Google will spot the tricksters and send them to the back of the list.

Google, first and foremost is all about providing the absolute best search results to get users paired up with the content they are searching for. In optimizing your site and business for Google and Bing results, you need to understand how they think and try to align your objectives to better match theirs. Simply put, if Google wants to put the best content on the front page of Google, your goal should be to provide the best content possible, so that Google picks the right site to promote when they promote you to first page results.

Check out this video by Google engineer and unofficial-mouthpiece Matt Cutts and learn a little bit more about how Google works, straight from them.