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How to Install YouTube Videos into Your Website

Here’s a quick tutorial showing you how to install YouTube videos or embed a YouTube video into a page or blog post on your WordPress site. You can post any YouTube video, whether it’s your video or not. We do recommend you create your own videos just so you can have control over your content and get more SEO benefits.

Simply find the YouTube video on Underneath the video, click share, and then click embed. You can copy the code shown or specify a different size if you want to size it properly for your site.  Either way, copy the code and then log into your WordPress site.

Create a new page or post, then in the WYSIWYG, or text editor, click on the HTML tab and paste in your code that you previously copied. Save your page as a draft or publish it and you’ll see the video embedded right there. Great job. Now you’re in the video marketing world.