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Looking for the right Portland SEO Expert? My name is Kalon Wiggins and I’m the founder of Epic Design Labs, a Portland based design and marketing firm.  I’ve been providing SEO services for Portland and some national brands for  5 years. I’m passionate about online marketing and lead our team to help clients take their business to the next level through design, user experience, Portland SEO, and other marketing methods.

There’s are lot of SEO companies out there, but we stand out by insisting that all SEO work be done both manually and in-house. We only use ‘white hat’ methods and refuse to take shortcuts that would offer only short term results at best. As a result, the optimization that we do, the links that we create, etc, are designed to give you a nice long return on your investment.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Content is King. Many business owners and Portland SEO Consultants get lost trying out the latest flavor-of-the-day SEO trick. Google is smart. Tricks don’t work. Spam bots don’t work. What does work is writing great original high-quality content, and optimizing it to be the best answer for whatever search people are doing, while looking for your product or service.

We’ll help you promote and create great content to give Google what it wants, to help you dominate your competition online and attract more potential clients. We’ll help you get more and better online citations to drive more local traffic, and use PR and social media to help increase your visibility.

If you’re wanting to grow your business, contact us or give me a call at 503-536-7350 and we can setup a time to get together and discuss how we can help.