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When you put out a press release correctly, it can be picked up by hundreds of journalists and publications who may syndicate your release or use your content as the basis and source for news stories. This can have the effect of spreading a lot of word for your business, both with people, and with search engines.

Are you newsworthy?

The key to a great press release is being newsworthy so that other publications will also want to publish it. This amplifies your reach and increases your results. What makes an event press release newsworthy though? Making people care.

If you have an event happening in your business that people might want to know about, then you’re newsworthy. Are you hosting a convention? Did you publish a revealing industry interview? Do you have a new product or technology that could change people’s life? If you don’t have any obvious events occurring, you may still be newsworthy… if you’re creative.

Are you an expert?

If you’re an expert in your field then you may know about industry happenings that could be fascinating if reported in the right way. What’s going on in your field? Is there anything new and noteworthy that you could write about and be quoted as a source? Using your knowledge to spread the word about industry news makes you the expert witness, and worth citing in a press release. It may not be as exciting as being newsworthy yourself, but positioning yourself as the expert is always a good thing.

Benefit from a Press Release

Here are some of the reasons PR may be right for you:

  1. Press release distribution – News organizations are starving for good content. They would love to share you with their audience if they might like it.
  2. Loads of links – One of the best reasons for a release is to build links. When other publications syndicate your content, they’ll cite their source, often giving a link to your site, which is great to build your traffic and the links are great for your search engine optimization as well.
  3. The build your story – Taking the time to craft your press releases also means taking the time to note your own newsworthy events. This helps you build a timeline as you grow, which will solidify your brand over time.
  4. They help journalists check your information – Over time as you become more and more newsworthy, journalists will use your old press releases to verify your story and learn more about you for future stories.
  5. Use press releases on other channels too – Get cited in a story on NBC and share the story on your social media. Watch your credibility climb.

Press releases can be a useful part of a larger marketing strategy, like Inbound Marketing.

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