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Once you've got the foundation built, and traffic coming in, then you've got proof of concept.

You know people want your product, and that your store can convert.

Now, we improve and amplify the results.

We're talking bigger traffic, more orders per customer, and higher average order value.

Traffic Growth

When you initially start marketing your store, it's often hard to find profit. This is because no matter what traffic channel you start with, your competitors want that traffic too, and it can get competitive.

Combining marketing methods and making your store more effecient can be the difference between profit or loss.

For example, getting a new customer to come in from SEO takes effort and they either convert or they don't. If you can get them back with a targetted email or a facebook ad though, it can increase the chances of making that sale and veer you towards profit.

In traffic growth, we'll take a look at the methods that are working for you, and look to add on not only additional traffic sources, but also leverage multiple methods to make every traffic source more cost effective.

Increasing Orders Per Customer

Getting a customer to buy the first time can take a large effort and cost. Getting them back a second and third time can take way less effort.

Email automation and multi-platform retargeting can make all the difference here getting you much more cost effect sales.

Not only is a client who makes multiple purchases more profitable, but they are also way more likely to become a raving fan and spread the word about you. That's more traffic!

Average Order Value Growth

This is sometimes the simplest and most forgetton way to grow your sales.

Even without additional traffic or orders, if you can just get them to check out with more items in their cart, that can grow your bottom line.

Simple things like upsells, coupons, discounting strategies, points programs, and so much more can increase your cart size and overall sales without any additional effort or costs.