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It has been determined, especially in the last few years, that an online store or website that doesn’t have an effective Search Engine Marketing and Optimization strategy will likely be doomed to failure. Regardless of the quality of your product. And even if you have a top-notch website, it won’t matter if nobody ever sees it. Ranking gets results, plain and simple. In fact, over 70% of searches result in a click on the first page. Furthermore, the first 5 listings receive over two-thirds of organic clicks. That’s really all you need to know to realize the importance that search engine marketing and optimization bring to your business. So, what is it, exactly?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

This is a process that generally involves advertising in a manner that promotes your online store. It is designed to raise the level of visibility to your customers when they search for products that you are selling. While Google is clearly the primary search engine on the internet today, Yahoo and Bing also possess a much lesser yet still worthwhile share of the search engine market. When you consider that tens of billions of dollars are spent every year on this form of marketing, it becomes clear that it has a great level of importance. And if you aren’t doing it, your competitors most certainly are, and they’re gaining a crucial edge over your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This method of improving your ranking involves altering and rewriting the content of your website in order to improve recognition. It requires keyword research and integration, increased backlink structuring and popularizing, as well as usually involving an overhaul of your content and product descriptions. It also includes establishing a blogging framework within your site to increase the information available that’s relative to your business. While this is extensive and tedious work, there are experts who are equipped to handle everything that these processes require in order to gain popularity in the search results.

If you hadn’t considered search engine marketing and optimization before, it’s definitely time to implement these tactics on your website. Clearly, a site or online store operating without these techniques is not only severely hampered, but in danger of losing their business in its entirety. Your competitors may be already using this campaign to essentially drown your business out of the marketplace already.

Get Started Optimizing Your Website

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