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How to Simplify Finding a Domain Name

The process of finding a domain name is harder than you might think.  There are many extensions to choose from like .com .net .gov .co and many many more.  A lot of people ask if it’s okay to get a domain name.  The answer is ‘sure it is.’  …if you can’t find a decent .com address that is.

So how do you go about finding the perfect .com address?  Basically through a lot of trial and error.  The good news is that there is a tool that makes it a LITTLE easier.  It’s called

Finding a Domain Name on the Vine is a domain name searching tool or domain name generator.  You put in the domain name you are thinking of, and it will tell you not only if it is available as a .com, but also whether it’s available as a name on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.  Generally you want to use the same name across all platforms for consistency in your online marketing. Having all of these key players in the social media market listed for name availability is invaluable information. We’ve all struggled with “sorry, that name is already in use” many times over, so this is a huge time-saver.

Close or Possibly Better?

There’s little doubt that your pretty happy with the domain name you’ve come up with. But, what if there WAS actually something better? Or possibly close to your original idea that was already taken? Not only does search for the domain name you entered, but it also searches for over 200 other .com addresses that it thinks you might also be interested in.  So is taken?  How about This is yet another immense time saver that allows you to think about things other than replacement names. A quality and more importantly AVAILABLE list is already created for you.

Namevine makes finding a domain name much easier.  We use it.  Give it a try. The Domain Name Generator