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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? It Needs to Be. Or You Will Not Rank Well

We’ve all known for a while now that some people out there go to websites on these things called smartphones. You’ve probably heard that more web browsing is done on mobile devices than on desktop browsers. Have you prepared or put it off? Well, Google is Penalizing YOU!

Google is continually expanding their use of mobile-friendliness in their ranking algorithm. In plain speak, you might not care if your site is mobile ready but they are going to. If your site is not mobile friendly, you will see a drop in your search rankings, which means a drop in your visitors, and as you already know, fewer people finding you and more people finding your competition.

Get Mobile Friendly Already!

So what does “mobile friendly” mean anyways? It means that your site is legible on a range of screen sizes, including tiny ones.

There are two ways to accomplish this.

  1. You can have install a ‘mobile theme’ on your site and have it displayed alternatively if someone is viewing from a mobile device. Using a plugin like WPTouch on your WordPress site, your site will be viewable but way less pretty and branded than what you have currently. This was pretty acceptable 4-5 years ago but it’s not the best experience for your customers and not the method preferred by Google. We would recommend this as a temporary ‘patch’ only at this time.
  2. You can make your website ‘responsive.’  Responsive means that it will scale to fit all browser sizes without a separate theme being needed. It’s one site to fit them all. This is the preferred method from Google’s point of view. It will generally result in your site being better looking and more consistently branded for sure. This is something that needs to be either written into your current theme or you need to incorporate it into the next phase of your website design. Epic Design Labs has been using this method in all website designs for a couple years now.

So is there a way to see if your site is considered mobile responsive to Google? Yes. They’ve made a testing site available. Check it out, put in your URL, and see if you’re about to get the Google beat down. Here’s a link :

If you haven’t made yourself ready even though you knew this was becoming more and more important, don’t be mad at Google. They didn’t create the smart phone revolution. They didn’t decide you had to go mobile or become irrelevant. Look at it this way. At least we had SOME warning.

If you’re not ready for this, give us a call. It’s triage time.

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